Inventory and Logistic


Inventory and Logistic

The most complete inventory management in its class. It allows any number of products with detailed master information, product codes and attributes. The module is extremely powerful and has huge depth.

Assign pictures:
You may assign pictures of products and use them while entering transactions and taking reports.


Assign barcodes to your products and scan them while entering transactions.
Interpreting Barcodes: The barcode interpreter in Our ERP helps you in configuring how products are scanned in transactions. For example, you may configure the Sales Invoice transaction to automatically sum the quantity if same product is scanned again.

Multiple Units:
Maintain products with respect to their base and alternate measurement units. For instance, you may want to sell a product with a different measurement unit such as Nos, Pcs, etc. being its base unit as Packs. You can also define conversion factors between the base and alternate units.

Multiple Price Lists:
Our ERP allows you to maintain various price lists apart from the standard sales and purchase prices which come by default in the software. You can create as many as price lists you want. For example: South Zone Price List, Regular Customer Price List, etc. The price lists can be assigned to products. Prices, in transactions, will be automatically picked based on the price list you select.

Maintain inventory across multiple locations. You can enter transactions based on a particular branch or a location. In transactions, the stock position is displayed based on the branch and location you select. Reports let you to see the stock balances based on one or more branches or locations.

Inter-Branch Transfers:
Transfer stock to your other branches based on the requests. You may transfer the stock fully or partly. Or, even cancel the requests.

Stock Conversion:
Easily convert items of one unit to another. For example, you may convert items received in bags to packets. Respective inventory ledgers are automatically updated. You may take reports based on the base or the converted units of the items. Internal consumption, Excesses & Shortages You may record internal consumption, excesses and shortages of stocks found.

Manage inventory by various attributes, such as product types, categories, sub-categories, brands, manufacturers etc.: Our ERP provides various attributes to categories your inventory in more detail manner. For example: You may want to classify your inventory based on a brand or by its manufacturer etc.

Manage your inventory by bins. For example, you may want to sell products based on a particular location and bin, know the inventory position at a particular bin, etc. Analyze your inventory with various reports such as Stock Valuation, Stock Ledger etc.

Assess your stock with strong analytical reports. Reports such as Stock Valuation, Stock Balances etc. give you in-depth information of your stock in hand. Know the current position and value of your inventory with Stock Valuation report. Reports can be filtered by branch, location and bin

Due to the changing condition of market and customer needs, the logistics industry has turned into a highly competitive industry. The only thing that can lead to the growth of logistics businesses is real-time streamlined processes and information. With SAP ERP Logistics management software, you will notice a significant change. Post-implementation of ERP, the delivery and supply processes get optimized easily. It also results in the efficient use of business resources and avoiding problems because of the unavailability of car infrastructure.

Logistics ERP features
If you own a logistics business and you are in search of software which can help you to solve significant problems of logistics companies: additional investment in infrastructure and continuously increasing operating costs. Well, then ERP Logistics management software from us will help you surely.

Delivery management –
This module will permit you to utilize the current vehicle foundation and different assets in the best manner conceivable. In this way, you can make sensible transportation courses considering the client prerequisites just as the territory of conveyance, the nature and size of the cargo.

Delivery planning
To benefit from your car fleet, this separate module will always help you. This allows you to utilize a car anytime because of logical and thorough preparation of the driver’s working hours.

Order processing
This module of our SAP ERP Logistics management software ensures proactive processing of the order, on-time response to the customer, and high agility during communication with clients. With the help of the order processing module, you will be able to control the process through which an order is being fulfilled along with the steps taken to increase customer satisfaction.

Issuance of documents
If there is any module that guarantees peace of mind, then it is this module. Why? Because all the freight forwarding, invoices, consignment notes, and other related documents are issued as per the law and need standards at the time when the flow of your funds is streamlined. We have an integrated ERP system to different communication channels to ensure your feedback in the most convenient way for customers. We work on our improvement so that we can give our best to our customers which can help them to progress in their business.