Production and Quality Control

Production and Quality Control

Production Module in works on planning and managing production phases through specifying s tandard formulas, raw materials, human resources, estimates cost and duration required for the production processes.

It also provides necessary information for comparing estimated and actual quantities of the produced materials, finished products, costs, and duration, to ensure production of materials and finished products within the requested quality and time.

Main Features

  • Organize production process
    • by maintaining tight control over all production phases, identify tracks, stages, and consumed resources in each phase with clarification of the required production quantities accordingly.

  • Increase enterprise readiness and capability
    • of delivering products on due times through planning all production phases, identifying the needed requirements to provide them whenever they are needed. Save time and effort, reduce mistakes, and facilitate workflow

  • Through planning and applying production cycle,
    • organizing privileges of issuing production requests, approving orders\vouchers, and following-up the transfer of data\results to the next phase automatically.

  • Reduce the required effort for following up the production process
    • to ensure production outputs quality, match them to their criteria and standards through organizing and linking the production process continuously with quality control measures within the enterprise.