Production and Quality Control


Production and Quality Control

Production Module in works on planning and managing production phases through specifying s tandard formulas, raw materials, human resources, estimates cost and duration required for the production processes.

It also provides necessary information for comparing estimated and actual quantities of the produced materials, finished products, costs, and duration, to ensure production of materials and finished products within the requested quality and time.

Main Features

  • Organize production process
    • by maintaining tight control over all production phases, identify tracks, stages, and consumed resources in each phase with clarification of the required production quantities accordingly.

  • Increase enterprise readiness and capability
    • of delivering products on due times through planning all production phases, identifying the needed requirements to provide them whenever they are needed. Save time and effort, reduce mistakes, and facilitate workflow

  • Through planning and applying production cycle,
    • organizing privileges of issuing production requests, approving orders\vouchers, and following-up the transfer of data\results to the next phase automatically.

  • Reduce the required effort for following up the production process
    • to ensure production outputs quality, match them to their criteria and standards through organizing and linking the production process continuously with quality control measures within the enterprise.

For manufacturers, high profit and improved operations are essential. Digital transformation solutions rendered by Advanced Business Solutions for manufacturers ensure higher visibility. The best way to streamline the processes of manufacturing is by employing innovative technologies. Also, staying agile to the rapid response to the demands of the customers and evolving markets is the key. As service provider of SAP ERP for Manufacturing Al khobar, we help in –

1. Tracking, measuring, and screening your whole business, from shop floor to highest floor and from crude materials to specific item.
2. Increasing effectiveness with ongoing, significant perceivability into business tasks.
3. Decreasing costs and smooth out procedures while you develop income and multiply benefits.
4. Enhancing lean assembling to concentrate on the fundamental needs to settle on more intelligent choices, take out waste and increase consumer loyalty.
5. Effectively adjusting to new assembling techniques, changing client necessities, and advancing business procedures.

Providing services in SAP ERP for Manufacturing Al khobar, we ensure that the delivery of manufacturing-specific functionalities becomes easy. This is what streamlines and automates the core processes of business as well as manufacturing.

Who Needs Manufacturing ERP?

Process manufacturing ERP SAP services are for manufacturing businesses belonging to various sizes. Such companies need ERP that comes with industry-specific capabilities and features. These help in managing, automating, tracking, collaborating and connecting at each step of the manufacturing process, right from customer order's receipt to order's shipment.

To succeed in regulatory requirements and dynamic changes of consumer trend in today's business environment of manufacturing. Are you planning to ensure on-time delivery and efficient productivity? It would help if you had a flexible supply chain from end to end. Our process manufacturing ERP SAP solution for building helps in seamlessly integrating the whole manufacturing processes.

We provide a seamless production process, track product, records all manufacturing activities, job costs and calculates the product cost. We integrate with other leading industries and use data and information solution which provide us with amazing dashboards of large productivity snapshots as well as details about the finances. We provide the best performance for the optimal price, and the result is informed, meticulous quality, improved delivery performance, and real-time manufacturing decision.