Construction and Project Management


Construction and Project Management

Our ERP project management application enables you to efficiently manage and track tasks, work on them effectively, quickly delegate them while keeping close track of your delegated tasks.

Managing tasks

  • Each task has one of the following states:
  • Draft: the task has been entered but has not yet been validated by the person who will have to do it,
  • Open: you can start working on the task, or task is in progress,
  • Closed: task is completed,
  • Canceled: task work is no longer required,
  • Pending: task is waiting for response of someone else.

Highlight Features:

  • EInvoicing Tasks
  • Priority Management
  • Delegate your Tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Planning by time or by tasks
  • The Art of Productivity without Stress
  • Timesheet Management

Advanced Business Solutions is a professionally managed institution which houses teams of extraordinarily able and experienced staff who provide efficient execution in Saudi Arabia. We meet every construction requirement of communication networks, installation, electromechanical works, testing and commissioning, facility support services, electrical works, plant maintenance and civil works.

Design & Engineering

A vital part of technical services for the project is design and engineering are played by engineering and design, which is needed throughout the project. We have and still are developing systems and components to focus on your cost, reliability, sustainability, quality, high specification and safety. As services provider of EPC Contracting systems Dammam, we help in identifying customer’s requirement and design system accordingly. Our skilful team deals with all the designs and detailing regarding plant electrical system which includes load lists, power calculations, lighting calculations and design, protection system, single line diagram, bills of material, equipment satisfaction and datasheet.

Project Management

The scheduled projects are executed with maximum productivity with the help of a project manager. This happens in minimum wasted expense. Total execution is managed by our engineers who adapt to finish build from initial to end from design, logistic, materials, transportation and coordination with agencies and construction.

Testing & Commissioning

Our solutions for EPC Contracting systems Dammam provide all the testing services for the electrical plant during pre-testing; you can also witness the testing stage by executing the testing and producing procedures and protocols. We have a highly qualified engineering team with vast experience and immense expertise in test and start-up. Generally, we are into the commissioning of electrical facilities and have appropriate knowledge in sustainable testing procedures.

Operation & Maintenance

For the continuous operation of plants, it is necessary to carry out the daily maintenance to check the quality of equipment, aging of equipment & devices, wear & tear. These come from the sequential analysis of laboratory reports and test results.

Automation & Control

As a reliable services provider of EPC Contracting systems Dammam, we ensure that the best automation services as included by default. Thanks to the Automation Systems for Plants, Smart Grid System Concept, Intelligent Electrical Devices, and IT Base System, reliability and continuity of Processes have enhanced in large/complex Networks.