Purchase and Order Management


Purchase and Order Management

Provides flexible integrated tools for applying purchasing system starting with ERP services for Retailers requirements and ending up with invoices synchronized with enterprise internal system through identifying a group of selected constants and providing the required reports about purchasing department performance.

Manage your purchases flow efficiently with your suppliers, from placing enquiries with

Manage Requisitions
You can manage purchase requests made by your branches or departments. These requisitions will then be available for subsequent transactions in the flow. You may record requisitions directly or based on enquiries. Requisitions can be called either fully or partly.

Place enquiries:
Manage product enquiries that you place with your supplier. Place enquires either directly or based on requisitions.
You may cancel enquiries cancel either fully or partly.
Store terms and conditions given by your vendor/supplier.
Request for quotes
Manage quotations placed with your suppliers. You can: Record quotes with or without enquiries.
Calculate applicable taxes such as VAT, Excise, Service Tax etc.
Store terms and conditions.
You may also cancel quotes partly or fully.

Manage orders:
Enter purchase orders based on quotations received from your supplier or without based on quotations.
You may also choose to enter a purchase order based on the requisitions made.
The list of orders placed with the supplier will be automatically shown at time of receiving the stock. You can also cancel the orders placed either fully or partly.
Record details of advance paid to your supplier/vendor by cash, cheque or PDC
Record taxes applicable such as Service Tax, VAT/CST etc., automatically.
Record delivery address.
Record Terms and conditions on the order placed.
You may cancel the orders placed either fully or partly.

Receive Stocks:
Record the stocks received from your supplier with or without orders.
Record stock received fully or partly.
You can receive stock at a particular branch or location.
Record details of taxes such as service tax, VAT, CST etc.
Record terms and conditions.
Record additional costs incurred. You can apply costs either based on quantity or value.
Record details of manufacturer and supplier details. Details such as invoice number and date, mode of transport and vehicle details, time of issue etc. can be recorded.

Manage supplier invoices:
Enter supplier invoices with or without orders/receipts. You may also directly enter invoices without orders or receipts. You can:
Enter Invoices made at a particular branch/location.
Know applicable taxes automatically. Or, manually enter taxes for products, such as Service Tax, Excise, VAT etc.
Automatically calculate other costs and landing costs on products.
Invoice against pending orders or received stocks.
Know previous purchase history of products.
Pay to your supplier by cash, cheque or PDC.
Adjust pending bills.
Record terms and conditions.
Our ERP automatically posts values to respective ledger accounts and creates payables.

Manage Returns:
Record the details of stock returned to your supplier or vendor in case of a damage, exchange etc.
You can return the stock with or with reference of a purchase invoice or a material receipt.
Calculate applicable taxes such as Service Tax, VAT, Excise etc.
Store details of payments made by Cash, Cheques or PDC.
Record terms and conditions.

Price Differences:
Calculate the difference in purchase price of products/services. Our ERP automatically displays the prices applied in previous invoices and lets you to apply new prices and thereby calculate the difference between new and old prices of products/services. This helps you to analyze and handle all your purchase in a better way.
Automatically displays list of previous invoices along with prices.
Apply new rates
Apply list of applicable new taxes, such as VAT, Excise, Service Tax etc.

A business is said to be successful if it is equipped with an efficient distribution system. This can only be happen if a company can gain customer loyalty by providing 100% satisfaction. ERP for Distribution & Retail helps with the same only. Rendering impeccable replenishments over all access points is what makes a distribution network efficient. This ensures delivery of uninterrupted services to customers.

The internet makes the client free, and they don't depend much upon wholesalers and can send the item quickly. Likewise, multi-channel retail expands stresses for wholesalers, where the absence of constant perceivability to information makes distribution management progressively unpredictable. Also, nowadays, clients these days are practising pressures over operating margins and have become more demanding.

Various distribution processes can be streamlined via Supply Chain (SCM) solutions. As the best retail erp consultant Riyadh, Advance Business Solution brings flawless services to boost the communication that happens between employees, suppliers, and customers. This ensures more control to processes, thereby, rendering improved customer service at a reduced cost.

ERP services for Retailers for Distribution & Retail is a utility IT system that collects, organizes, displays and analyzes real-time information of electronic distribution system. An integrated view is offered by it for distribution operations such as outage management system, Geographic information systems, Customer Information System, etc.

ERP distribution management software helps companies in managing the supply chain and logistics. This includes inventory management, warehouse management, and order management. Across the entire supply and distribution chain, countless clients have attained 100% customer satisfaction, lower-order times, and control over costs with the help of our software.

Sales Order Management, Requisition Management, Advanced Inventory, and Advanced Financials are also included in our management software. Being a reliable best retail erp consultant Riyadh, we understand what businesses need. Further, the cloud access via mobile application framework ensures that distributors can manage the complete sales cycle. From the beginning of the order processing until its completion, management of everything could never have been more comfortable than this. Moreover, the handling of inventory levels, process purchase orders, and transfer stock can be done quickly remotely with the help of phone, tablet, or laptop.