Accounting Module:

Our ERP offers fully-integrated ERP accounting software tools to manage all aspects of an organization’s financial management and compliance requirements.


General Accounting:
Receiving and documenting accounting operations, then transferring them to vouchers for documentation and controlling.

Cash and Bank:

Registering and observing the outcome funds to vendors and creditors, the income funds from clients and debtors,

Account Payables:
Managing enterprise vendor's relations, controlling enterprise's purchases and expenses. Also, clarifying distribution methods, organizing dues and liabilities, taking advantages of allowance periods, facilities, and discounts

Account Receivables:
Manages enterprise client's relations, follows up sales and revenues, clarifies income resources, organizes granted facilities and due periods

Cost Centers:
Smart Cost Centers that analyzes the functions of each department or cost center or revenue separately and on several levels, such as departments, branches, projects, with ability of issuing reports for each one of them to help in taking strategic decisions

Manages necessary activities for maintaining, preparing and saving enterprise budgets. It also plans for the expected revenues and expenses during the present fiscal period, as well as providing the necessary procedures for evaluating enterprise financial performance.

With our ERP you will be able to generate a lot of standard reports like Income Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet. furthermore, you can generate Customized reports by drag and drop columns and export it for many types of files Excel, Pdf, CSV, etc.

Our ERP accounting software in Saudi Arabia is designed by keeping your business in mind. It helps you to view your finances, process VAT, stay updated on financial legislation, and create international reports.

You can also access your finances wherever you are with the help of our cloud software. We provide you with the accounting software in Saudi Arabia by your needs; whether you are a lone wolf or a big enterprise, we can help you run your business smoothly.

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Committed to you only
Wheatear you have completed your journey to be fully digital, or if you are in the process, we can help you with anything regarding technology. We also provide advice and support to help you take the maximum advantage of this software.

Become more efficient
We can help you become more efficient hence increasing your profit. With the help of automation, you can save time, and you would not need to spend much effort on admin or requesting your client for information or data entry.

Build closer client relationships
This helps in providing better client experience and also as you are connected to the live data feed so you can also give more to the point and futuristic advice.

Achieve your ambitions
By working with us, you can also help you to achieve your goal way faster than ever. As you will become more efficient, your client base will increase and you can even expand your services which can help you to transform your business modal to more likability of your liking.

Solutions for your practice
Our ERP accounting software in Saudi Arabia is the ideal accounting and bookkeeping software available online. You get access to the same Accounting functionality as your clients, plus added features to help you manage your clients and tasks.

Solutions for your clients
We provide you with the software which can be used by small start-ups to multibillion-dollar companies which provide you with solutions for payroll, payments, and accounting and can help you with managing every part of your and your clients business.