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ABS is one of the first professional local financial & business consultancy company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A business consultancy means working with clients on Strategy Planning, and Problem-Solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. These services range from designing a business module or marketing plans to determine which the solution techniques to use in a particular business sector.

ABS offers a range of consulting services such as Finance & Accounting, Corporate Finance, Gap Analysis, IT systems & Implementation, Corporate HR Strategy & Functional Alignment, HR Audit & Process Review, Payroll Outsourcing Services, and Technical Services tailored for your business requirements.

Most small and medium size businesses take great satisfaction in the services offered by ABS. We believe that ABS can help its clients' businesses grow by improving their processes, while significantly reducing operational cost.

ABS management team is led by senior consultants richly experienced individuals in a range of industries and business fields. The team is composed of professionals and specialists including Finance & Accounting Managers, Chief Auditors, Quality Control Managers, Payroll Managers and Human Resource Managers that cater to our client's needs and meet their expectations.

ABS take's precautions to ensure that your data is secured and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized personal. These precautions include data encryption techniques, non-disclosure agreements, and restricted access to the personal information (e.g., no ability to download, print, scan or copy client financial data). Please be ensured that ABS has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that the security of your confidential information is safe.

Once you contact us, we shall make necessary arrangements to meet you and provide a list of our services. Following your selection of the services, our professional staff will visit your office to complete necessary arrangements to facilitate your availing of ABS consultancy services.

ABS offers several solutions to clients, depending on the client requirement. We provide options to our clients to choose from the list of services we offer

The appropriateness of any consultancy services requires an understanding of your business. We would do this by conducting an analysis of your potential consultancy needs by leveraging our knowledge of and experience with companies at similar stages of development as your own. Based on this analysis, we would then design and recommend customized suite solutions to meet your business requirements.

No, change of mindset is essential when you decide to consult ABS for business solution services. Consultancy enables you to have more insight of your business functions and allows you to concentrate on more critical functions and leave the hard work for us.

ABS offers full access to your records; we maintain strict controls regarding access to the applications, network, servers, and databases. Only authorized ABS staff and your designated employees will only have access to your data.

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