Sales and CRM


Sales and CRM

CRM functionality provides a fully-integrated approach to customer and prospect interaction. Unlike most ERP systems on the market today, which have CRM software as separate module, Our ERP CRM functionality is leveraged throughout the entire X-ERP software suite. In doing so, Our ERP offers a comprehensive 360° view of manufacturing and distribution companies’ customers and prospects.

Our ERP software monitors recent customer purchases and compares the data to the customer’s order frequency to alert appropriate personnel when there is a decline in activity, prompting proactive communication with the customers.

Price Offers:
Issue price offers for clients about enterprise materials and goods and specify each offer status which include issuing, presenting, studying, client's verbal approval, etc.) with ability of defining several types of price offer's vouchers and linking them with users and warehouses also giving these vouchers special numerical sequence thus facilitate following-up enterprise issued offers, and specify the predicted materials/goods for future sales.

Sales Orders:
Voucher type allows issuing and registering enterprise internal sale orders according to received purchase orders from clients and issued price offers enterprise, allocate the available materials in warehouses, and order the unavailable quantities from vendors with providing drop-ship option directly from vendor to client.

Multi-Delivery Addresses:
Ability of creating sale vouchers that contain materials and goods from one or several warehouses which are delivered to one or several client's locations. Also specifying necessary information for each warehouse and location such as: contact person, applied tax, delivery conditions, main address for sending documents to, printing packaging and delivering vouchers for each warehouse/location separately or collectively.

Invoices and Delivery Stages:
Program provide the ability of issuing several invoices for one sale order or issuing one invoice for several sales orders, also provide several and optional stages to deliver materials such as, issue materials output vouchers, load lists, invoices, and delivery to client.

Printing Multi-Layout:
Program enable users of printing receipts, vouchers, and invoices in several layouts by using original layouts available in the system or by designing layouts for each voucher to fulfill enterprise special requirements and needs by using the available programming tools in the system

Main Features

  • Leads
  • Quotations
  • Delivery Note
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Return


  • Customer Database
  • Analysis Report of sales orders, pending orders with status of Deliveries
  • Sales Invoice (customer, Item, Territory wise)
  • Lost Leads analysis report
  • Quotations Report with Status