SAP ECC Upgradation


SAP ECC Upgradation

Choose our services for upgradation for SAP ECC ERP and cultivate more benefit, decrease risk and attain goals easily. For a digital enterprise, S/4HANA is the core as it provides accessibility, the best practices employed in the industry, extendibility, business processes that go beyond thinking, lighting fast speed, usability, a robust line of business functionality, and actionable business intelligence.

What are the reasons for Innovation at the Digital Core (S/4HANA)?

1. Optimization of processes.
2. Developing a platform for various other solutions.
3. Transformation of organizations.
4. A deep insight into actions.

How do we provide you with upgradation for SAP ECC ERP?

In the first step, we help in creating a case for your business with the help of Business Scenario Recommendations tool. BSR identifies the processes of business by working from the data of SAP usage, which is changed with S/4HANA. This is necessary data to clarify the advantages of business that are offered by S/4HANA. On the off chance that you are new to SAP, you can maintain a comparative tool called Business Value Advisor that doesn't require any utilization information.

The second step involves the discovery of your destination with the help of Transformation Navigator. Through this tool, S/4HANA roadmap is created based on the SAP landscape. This allows you to know regarding all the components that are directly needed in making a move.

In the last step, we assist you with Readiness Check. This necessary tool is responsible for converting the existing SAP ECC 6 system to S/4HANA and is highly recommended. Based on your SAP configuration data and usage, the tool guides you through add-on compatibility, custom code adaption, HANA sizing, and more.

Such a detailed and technical guidance is an assurance towards boosting the confidence and help in preparing the answers to the questions/ problems in the later stages. For instance, should your company consider developing its own HANA resources and infrastructure? Should your organization consider S/4HANA Cloud or going for S/4HANA on HANA Enterprise Cloud? All these answers will help you in taking the right decision, which will help you in the long run.