SAP Implementation & Migration Solution


The ABS implementation process of SAP software is based on the customer's own organization-specific requirements on distinctive SAP configurations, customizations and combinations of SAP and third -party modules. The implementation may be required by an entity because the customer has such an extensively customized requirement to build a new system or recently purchased software. SAP implementation steps cover SAP ERP implementation, methodology, project preparation, business blueprint, final preparation, Go-live, production support.

ABS also provides Migrations Service involve moving an SAP product between host environments (moving SAP from one database to another or different version). Migrations usually occur in multiple phases. They are complex and require frequent testing.

An SAP ERP upgrade is an implementation project that moves an SAP ERP to a newer version. This could be something relatively simple, like adding enhancement packs. Some upgrades are challenging, however, requiring a great deal of planning and testing to successfully implement. Our expertise also includes migrating of SAP ERP such as HANA from other platforms to AWS, this migration exercise involves provisioning your SAP Software, backing up your source database, transferring your data, and installing your SAP application servers.

ABS consultants are ready to support your organization if your organization has such requirements. Please contact fills your company details on our contact section and send to us and we will be there immediately to help you.