SAP Digital Filling and Archiving Solution


ABS provide Digital Filling and Archiving Solution to companies for data and documents archiving with SAP-certified as integrated with SAP S/4HANA Software. This solution will allow archiving documents in SAP archive. Documents saved in the “archive”, are unchangeable documents. These are archived or created through e.g. scan, via PDF etc. The solution is compatible with a long-term data or document retention schedule in the sense of audit-security, compliance with statutory provisions based on the own company approved Records Retention Policy.

ABS digital archive solution for SAP covers all filing and archiving forms, also the data archiving that leads to a validation and trimming of the database entries. It is easily legally conformant for SAP archive through ABS Solution to complete encoding of data and documents.

Searching for a signed document through a manual process is time consuming and cost effective. With ABS SAP Digital Archiving Solution, the process of retrieving documents or data is automated through our searchable digital archive, connected to SAP, This automation saves all time, money and improve the services of the company, The access wrights foe retrieval process can be restricted on the need to have based on the type of documents, department or group of people. The security access wright is configurable based on the company policy.

ABS Solution also provide framework for the destruction of all old records by making sure that duplicate is available in the SAP Archive in the event of any future reference. The company will truncate from the need of huge facility for storage of manual records and as such this will lead to reduction of expenses and provide ability to institute adequate control on the confidential and restricted information and data in accordance with the company policy.