Advanced Business Solution (ABS) is a market leader in providing Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) solutions and services. ERP is a software that is built to organizations belonging to different industrial sectors, regardless of their size and strength.

The ERP package is designed to support and integrate almost every functional area of a business process such as procurement of goods and services, sale and distribution, finance, accountings, human resource, manufacturing, production planning, logistics & warehouse management.

Every business, regardless of the industry they belong to, require connected systems with efficient information flow from one business process to another. Business Process Integration (BPI) plays an important role in overcoming integrating challenges that allows organizations to connect systems internally and externally.

Business Process Integration (BPI) allows automation of business processes, integration of systems and services, secure sharing of data across numerous applications, and automation of management, operational, and supporting process. Please click the “Request Consultant” button below to speak to our experience consultant.

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