SAP Software Use of Digital Signature


Digital Signature aims, among other things, to eliminate the costs of printing, storing and distributing paper. Vast amounts of information are collected (invoices, shipping certificates, contracts, agreements, etc.) that are required to be kept in case a dispute arises with clients or suppliers.

Using Digital Signature, all these papers can be eliminated each document is saved as a digitally signed document to a digital archive, and if a document is needed, the electronic file will be an exact replacement for the original document.

In addition, instead of sending invoices via the mail, you can send the client a digitally signed invoice via email, saving vast amounts of time and money.

Currently, companies are highly considering Digital Signatures instead of processing their documents “the old fashioned way,” thus saving the printing and distribution costs of invoices and documents that they themselves produce, and for the purpose to save in archiving costs (since the archive is now digital), etc.approved and Secure Digital Signature is a signature software that supplies the regular requirements and is also recognized and approved by all legal institutions.

Be alert with the financial burden of the manual signature and let your company implement the ABS Digital Signature Solution for your officer use on their digitally signed documents instead of physical documents that will result to the automation of sending invoices, etc., through email (without the need to print them, sign, scan and incur unnecessary delivery expenses) and saving documents or physical, archive.

ABS Digital Signature Solution will transform your company into the use of Digital Signature, contact us by filling and sending your requirement in the Contact Us facility available eon this site.